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Tinplate Dollhouse Interior and Furniture

View of living room interior from the car port.

Interesting details here.  The paper "mirror" on left was placed by previous owner.  Note sculpture on mantelpiece, possibly meant as a TV antenna.  There is an abstract painting above the fireplace.  Alongside are fireplace tools to the right, and house plants to the left.  The fire burns nicely within the fireplace.  At the time, this was a very modern design.

The house with its furniture.  A few pieces are obviously missing, such as the bed's headboard.

The "modern" accessories include a bed, dining room table & chairs, dresser, kitchen console with cabinets, sink and range oven, kitchen table set, large television (no doubt black & white), a vanity and to the front, a white outdoor seat.

Entire house shown furnished.

It all fits, everything in its own "room."

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