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A Tinplate "Wolverine" brand Dollhouse

A truly interesting 'find' was this dollhouse, in superb condition.  It turned up at the Freehold Antique fest this past September, with a bag of furniture included.  The Wolverine brand dollhouse is as fine an example of the tin litho art as you would want.  It boasts amazing lithographed details, with attention to the house fashions of the time.  The scale is somewhere between 1/20 and 1/24.  Missing is the door, a few furniture pieces, and one railing.  All told, the building is in great shape and almost everything is there.

This tin dollhouse by Wolverine is a beautiful example of tin-lithographed toys.  It is almost a yard long, and like other tin toys has its details "painted" on.  The style is of a "modern" suburban house on the 1950s.  Note the car port.

A side view

The artists left nothing out: along the house side are various garden plants.  The yellow area resembles an extension added to houses.  Even the lamp beside the door is included!

End view has a rose bush climbing the chimney.

The car port is beside the "extension".

Side support bean on railing is broken.  Note the scrollwork.

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