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Tin Schoolhouse

Audrey spotted this tin schoolhouse.  We paid $8 for it ,and were pretty pleased.  It is small, less than 5" high and less than 7" wide.  There are holes in the roof, and there is evidence the walls may not have been "cut" properly to match slots in the roof.  We do not know much about this schoolhouse, as there are no manufacturer marks.  Nonetheless, it is an attractive building and will grace our tinplate train layout.

There is a snow effect on the roof.  There are also holed in the roof.  Why?  Was it decorated?  Was this a game? A novelty?

You can clearly see the white area between roof and red clapboard siding.  Looks like a mistake - those green things are tabs that match slots in the roof.

We saw one of these with a bluish base.  I was not able to inspect to see if the blue was original or not.

Snow on windowsills.  Figures of teacher and children are visible.

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