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Oak Park Station

Classic Tin Lithography

The Oak Park station by the Louis Marx Company is one of two structures using the same metal pattern.  Oak Park is the "diesel horn" station.  The "horn" is actually a small electric buzzer inside the structure.  What makes this building intriguing is its use of yellow brick and silver trim. The companion station to this is Girard Styation ,with its steam whistle bell.

A frontal view.  Note dormer above main door.  Silver lettering on door sill is almost invisible from this angle.

Side view, with brick walkway and two terminals to connect the buzzer / horn.  Note small "REA" diamond-shaped logo.

From this angle, the "waiting room" lettering on door sill is visible.

Rear view. Both sides are identical, as are the front and rear walls.  The roof's dormer makes the difference as to front and back.

Oblique view reveals brickwork, door patterns, signs, etc.  Oak Park, like Girard station, is a conveniently small but realistic whistle stop for O Gauge trains.

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