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Glendale Passenger Station, Part 2

Classic Tin Lithography

A close-up of the Baggage Room in front shows parcels and a clerk at his desk.  Most people would know how these rooms looked, since train travel was common.  People were intimately familiar with their local stations and railroads in general.  The train schedule and baggage rates poster are details one might expect at a bust station.

The rear wall showing the passenger entrance and the freight office.  Posted schedules and notices were common at stations.  The clerk in his office is visible.  Lettering over the doors is a font that had a streamlined look, and was considered "modern" at the time.

Inside the office, you can clearly see the clerk's stool, desk, and even a calendar hanging on the wall.

The door on the raised part of the freight platform.

Double-door on the station's front.  Beside it is a lithographed image of a Railway Express Agency sign.

Clock and waiting room were very modern designs for the early 1950s.  The impression was one of the latest and newest.  50 years later, it looks quaint.

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