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Glendale Passenger Station

Classic Tin Lithography

The Louis Marx Company issued two Glendale Stations during its years of manufacture.  The first was Glendale Freight Station, a woefully offscale and awkward piece that was all toy and no model.  Later it issued the Glendale Passenger Station, a surprisingly realistic rendition of a large suburban type station.  Glendale Station was scaled slightly larger than the 1/48 scale used by most O gauge modelers.  Marx's trains were scaled as 1/64 models made for O track, and thus were even smaller.  This station came with a host of plastic figures in O scale.  They stood 1 1/2" inches tall - a full half inch smaller than the average doorway height of this station.  Scale or not,  Glendale Passenger Station was very popular.  Its lithography featured exquisite details common to railroad stations at the time.  

The Glendale Passenger Station is a tin-litho model of a typical large suburban station of the time.  It is quite "modern" in its details.  This is the front, facing the passenger tracks.

The raised area is a freight platform.  The photograph barely brings out details of brickwork flooring, wood siding and platform details.

The rear of the station is a freight loading area.  To the left is the loading dock. raised for large trucks.

Opposite side of the station features decorative shrubs in "planters" that match the siding.  Little details like this make a difference in tin-litho.  Most modern models omit such essentials.

The passenger service door is to the left, the freight office to the right.  Note window "details" and a schedule on the wall.

In front, we have the Baggage area and the glass-doored waiting room.  This was modern styling in the early 1950s, when this model appeared.  "Modern" door handles and lettering attend the waiting room.

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