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Freight Station

Classic Tin Lithography

The Louis Marx Company left no stone unturned.  Along with its tin railroad passenger stations, they made an excellent freight station.  It was unique in that it could serve as a railroad accessory or be a playset in its own right.  The stations were packed with complete crews of workmen, freight crates and barrels, trucks, dollies, carts and all other accessories.  Like the Glendale Passenger Station, the freight station was scaled slightly larger than 1/48 O scale.

The main difference between the Freight Station and others is that this building has an interior.  In design, it has three walls, a roof and support beams.  The Marx artists lithographed a complete exterior and a realistic interior.  If you have ever been on the loading docks of a freight warehouse, you can appreciate the interior detail.  Topping it off is its sheer size.  The footprint of the Freight Station is a whopping 28 1/2 by 11 inches!  From bottom of the base to rooftop is over 8 inches.  

It is long!  The Freight Station is one of the longest tinplate buildings Marx ever offered.  The door window has the diamond-shaped logo of the Railway Express Agency lithographed in black and white.  REA was a feature of several Marx products.

The view from top front.  Note the lithographed cinder block construction of supporting beams.

You can see some of the interior.  The inside is a grey stonework, like cinder blocks or tiles.

The other end shows the brickwork walls with concrete slab support.  Round concrete "dot" is the Marx logo, rendered as if made in cement.  Many companies did this on their buildings.  The office door and all windowpanes are green.  Various shades of dark and olive green were commonly used as trim on industrial, transportation and other commercial buildings.

From the open end: you can vaguely make out the rear wall wit han office and cashier's booth lithographed on it.  Note the meticulously-designed concrete brickwork of the support beams.

From the top rear.  It is impressive that the artists thought to include concrete beamwork on the brick facade.

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