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U. S. Cavalry HQ

The Louis Marx Company was the master of tin litho.  It produced many a tin accessory for its playsets.  though most playset items were plastic, tin would be used for flags, buildings and odd items.

Fort Apache was not only a movie, but the most popular playset made by the Louis Marx Company. It featured a fort made of interlocking plastic panels.  The panels were molded to resemble a log wall.  Inside was the headquarters and supply building.  Lithography provided most of the detail, with help from a few plastic detail parts.  The fort is a prime example of the beautiful lithography , and its use to provide details which would have been impractical to mold or stamp.

Frontal view.  The porch, chimney and supply room doors are plastic.

Rear view.  This was usually placed against the fort's rear wall.

Front view without porch - supply room door is open

Front window detail.

Front door detail and bulletin board.  Interior shows part of a desk, an oil lamp, and a painting on the wall.

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