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3' by 5' Layouts

Track plans

The trend for most model railroaders is toward larger layouts.  Practical consideration dictate that for many, even a 4' by 8' railway is too big.  Either the person is constrained by a lack of space, or he has a need for portability.  The beauty of O Gauge is that it can be made to work in smaller areas than most other scales.  The classic O and O27 track geometry provides a tight curve which can be made to fit in small areas.

3' by 5' is a good area for a picayune pike.  It is not demanding of space, yet with good planning will allow an interesting layout.  Concessions must be made to allow such a small home railway.  Things can be done that would be unthinkable for a larger model railroad  At times, it might seem cramped.  However, by making the right concessions and using one's imagination, it is entirely possible to have a satisfying model railway in a small space.

The 3' by 5' area puts a layout in reach of those who are expanding upon a starter set.

The layouts shown here use the standard O Gauge track geometry with the 31" curve.  

Scenery is included mainly to illustrate the track plan as a layout.  You may alter, substitute or change scenery any way you want, since our example is only meant to illuminate the track plan.  

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