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All Gauge Model Railroading Page Presents

Marx Accessories

Instructions, tips and tricks

Lights (Street lamps, spotlights, etc.)

Twin Light Crossing Flasher (#423, et. al)

Bell Ringers

Remote Control Switches / Turnouts (#1590, et. al.)

Automatic Crossing Gates (#438, et. al.)

Automatic Block Signals- #404, #405, #1402, #454 type

Automatic Semaphore # 439, #434 and #1404 Target Signals

Radio Control Tower and Circuit Breaker

Automatic Crossing Watchman, Whistling Station, Barrel Loader & Diesel Refueling Station

Using an Insulated Track in place of the Rail Clip

Marx Lift Bridge

Marx printed most accessory instructions on the box, rather than include a separate instruction sheet.  Only a few items had instruction sheets.  Most of the original instruction diagrams were scanned from original boxes.

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