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Marx Automatic Crossing Watchman, Lighted Whistle / Horn Stations, Barrel Loader and Diesel Refueling Station

Instructions, tips and tricks

There are accessories which use both lights and other features.  The Automatic Crossing Watchman and Whistling / Horn stations are such a type.  Wiring varies between the lighted and unlighted versions.  We will illustrate both types for you here.

Stations, Barrel Loader and Diesel Refueling Station

This is simple wiring from station terminals to the accessory  terminals of the transformer.
The only difference is that the control button is wired in series.  This type wiring is also used for the Barrel Loader and Diesel Refueling Station.  (Barrel Loader's terminals are located underneath the platform , in some versions)
Here the common wire remains alone.  The other (red) wires differ, in that one goes to the station terminal directly.  The other is interrupted, so to speak, by the controller wired in series.  This wiring applies only to the lighted station with whistle.  

The Barrel Loader requires that you load the ramp with small barrels.  When the button is pushed, the fork lift comes forward and grabs a barrel, then carried it to the platform end.  The abrupt halt causes the barrel to roll forward and off, cascading into a waiting gondola.  Replacement barrels are available from parts vendors.

Automatic Crossing Watchman

Here it is simple: one wire to the transformer, the other to a rail clip.  The clip is placed toward the direction of rail traffic.
The light is only supposed to come on when the station opens.  The wire and clip (shown in blue) connected to the outer rail  illustrates wiring as per original instructions. A lockon can substitute for the original clip indicated in blue.  Those choosing the original method would connect wire to the lockon terminal that connects to the outer rail.

Note: the black wire running from the Crossing Shanty is of the same polarity as the wire runing to the Center Rail.  If hooking up to a transformer with Accessory terminals, black wire should be hooked to terminal of the polarity opposite that of the outside rail.  This applies to three and four pole transformers.  

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