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Marx Automatic Semaphore s and Automatic Target Signals

Instructions, tips and tricks

This semaphore is just a signal.  It reacts to a passing train.  Unlike the block signals, it does not in any way control the operation of the train. Internal wiring is similar to the #454 Block Signal.

When wired as illustrated, the light is always on.  A train's passing triggers the mechanism that moves the semaphore's arm,. also changing the light's color. Once the train is gone, the semaphore returns to its normal position.

The #434 and #1404 lighted Target Signals work the same way.  Instead of a semaphore arm, the lights change color and position.  They are also simple train-activated accessories which react to, but do not control the train.

Original Instructions

1) Place semaphore beside track as shown in diagram

2) Place long rail clip on outer rail of track, as indicated.

3) Assemble the track connection terminal to the track by inserting the upright blades on the terminal, into the groove on the under side of the rail, with the outer blade inserted into the center rail of the track.  The other blade will then be in the outside rail of the track.

4)As the wheels of the locomotive and cars pass over the rail clip, the semaphore arm will drop to a horizontal position and the signal light will turn to red.  After the last car has passed over the rail clip, the signal arm will return to the vertical position showing a green light.

5) It is recommended that the rail clip be placed on the track, in relation to the semaphore, so that the arm of the semaphore will be in a "Stop" position until the last car of the train has passed the signal.

6) To change bulb, remove back cover of light housing, use 12 Volt Bulb for replacement, G.E. No. 1446, or equivalent.

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