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Marx Automatic Crossing Gate

Instructions, tips and tricks

The Crossing Gate is one of the most popular accessories.  Versions of it have been produced by Lionel, American Flyer, Ives, K-Line and MTH.  The Marx version is a pretty simple device.  It uses track power and the old track plate.  A much simpler hookup is to use an insulated track section.  Merely clip a lockon to the track so that the outer terminal contacts the insulated rail. You will get the same effect as using the track shoe illustrated here.

Original Instructions

1) Place Crossing Gate beside track as shown in diagram.

2) Attach rail clip to outside rail as shown in diagram

3) Assemble track connector to the track by inserting the upright blade on the connector into the groove on the under side of the center rail and press firmly into place.

4) Connect the wire from the rail clip to one of the binding posts on the gate.

5) Connect the wire from the track connector to the other binding post on the Gate.

6) Follow the diagram carefully when setting up the Signal and no trouble will be experienced.

7) The train passing over the rail clip will automatically lower the gate.

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