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Marx Bell Ringers and Simple Blinkers

Instructions, tips and tricks

Marx Bell Ringers and other one-trip accessories are sheer simplicty.  You merely wire them to the track power. One wire goes to the common (center) rail, and the track activation device is placed on the outside rail.  As the train passes over the device, the wheels complete the flow of electricity briefly, setting off the bell or light or, i nthe case of some plastic bell-ringers, both.  

For similar devices that require more time, such as some basic signals, a longer rail clip is included to place over the outside rail.  You can also use an insulated track section, which has one outside rail isolated.  To use it, a lockon woirks best.  Make sure the lockon is connected to the insulated outside rail.

Should your device be missing its clip, you can make one from a thin piece of copper.  Punch a small hole in the copper and affix a wire. Soldering may help.  Put a piece of electrical tape on the rail for insulation.. Press and form the copper piece over the rail / tape and press firmly, so that the train passes easily.

 Lockons from Lionel and K-Line work with Marx products.  In fact, the Lionel / K-Line lockons are better.

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