Basic O / O27 Manuals


Setting Up and Running Trains, Layouts and Accessories

Since The All Gauge Model Railroading Page opened, we have received many request for help with trains.  Almost all involve the most basic consepts of the hobby.  To that end, we have re-edited excerpts from the 1951 Lionel Manual and other sources to offer basic information. (This manual's copyright having expired, it is now in the public domain.) Though almost half a century later, that information is as valid for today's new railfans as it was when first issued.  The manual applies to current O / O27 train sets and equipment, some more than others.  All of the technical drawings, wiring, etc. are still up to date.  It does not cover some exotic products, such as the recent MTH or Atlas track or digital sounds and controls.  Since many requests come from people who have inherited, found or otherwise stumbled upon older sets whose manuals were lost, the materials gathered here will be especially useful.

How to Assemble Your Train Set

How to Set Up and Operate Your Train

How to Use Your Transformer

How to Use Automatic and Operating Cars

How to Use Track, Layouts and Switches

How to Use Operating Accessories

How to Care For Trains and Equipment

How to Use Lighted Accesories

How to Use Automatic Signals and Blocks

How to use Original Marx Trains

How to use Original Marx Accessories


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