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Passenger Cars Sizes Compared

The different sizes of passenger cars were devised through different criteria.  The original Madisons were intended to provide an appropriate-looking car for O31 pikes.  The result is a car that will look good behind both scale and semi-scale locomotives. Railking's Madison is obviously sized so as to accommodate the classic scale-sized O Diesels: F3 / F7, GP 7/9/38, NW2 and FM.  The Railking cars also work with larger semi-scale steam locomotives. On the other hand, K-Line went for a pure O27 car suitable only for semi-scale motive power.  Aside from a scale heavyweight with scale locomotive, the K-Line streamliner is the only one that has the right proportion for its intended motive power: O27.  

Again, car size is factored in by the size of the pike.  Scale cars are great on longer pikes, but difficult on small layouts.  Railking Madisons can handle O27 pikes, while the classic lionel / Williams might have a tight squeeze on curves.  The K-Line Streamliner is at home on O27 and O31.  Notice in the photos how a threesome of scale cars compares to a trio of classic Madisons.  The shorter cars are best for smaller pikes, giving the feel of scale cars without the limitations imposed by the Heavyweight's greater length.

Railking Madison (L) is shorter in length, but taller than traditionally-sized 60' Madison.  Railking is 14.5" long.

K-Line O27 Streamliner is 13.5 inches long.  Behind it is Madison for length comparison.  Madison is 1/8" taller, about 1.5 inch or so longer

Scale Heavyweight outsizes 60' Madison: taller, longer, larger windows, doors, etc.  Note how the Madison was shortened: instead of 6 pair of windows in the center, it has 4.

3 Heavyweights make a much longer train than 3 Madisons - a consideration when running small pikes

Railking Madison matches height of Scale Heavyweight

Note car length comparison

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