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Battery Operated Train Toy Sets

Silverado  Express and Coastal Express G Size Trains

If you get the impression that we liked these sets. you are right.  They are very affordable, robust Large Scale sets compatible with G / #1 track.  When folks come to visit and bring the kids, the Coastal Express is ready to run on our garden railway.  Kids love it.  Both sets look pretty much the same: they use the same track, have the same locomotive, tender and caboose.  The difference is that the Coastal Express has a boxcar and gondola car PLUS a handheld remote control.  Silverado is turned on and off by a button on the locomotive. The Coastal Express is turned on by turning the bell, but it is run by a simple handheld remote controller.  Either way, they are great as "running under the Yule tree" trains, toys or even for garden railroading.  (Of course, I'd use more substantial track...and don't run them outdoors on metal rails when it's too hot, or the rubbed bands on the tires roll off.)  Kids like them because they can fit their action figures and toys on board.  Silverado Express runs about $15 to $20.  The Coastal Express runs about $40.

The Silverado Set.  Note that both sets come with track, railroad signs and instructions.

Six batteries are loaded into the tender (you have to buy them separately)

The plug on the tender is connected to the locomotive, providing power.

Plug socket on locomotive is just below the cab floor.

Here's a side view of the locomotive coupled and plugged.

Couplers are like the hook & loop used in G scale trains

The close well, keeping car together

Close-up of Coastal Express cab

That pin beneath couplers will release in pressed.

Caboose and gondola about to couple.

Cars link closely, which is a realistic feature

The remote - showing the battery box and how it is loaded.

Photos of the Coastal Express in action will be posted soon in our Large Scale and Garden Railways section.

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