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1/131 Scale Diecast Trains

Comparisons with TT and scale model railroading

The Maisto International 1/131 scale trains are of interest to TT Scale model railroaders, since they are close to TT's 1/120 scale and are a source of American style trains.  Measurements showed the Maisto cars to be notably smaller than the TT Scale equivalent.  TT is measures at 1/10 inch to the scale foot.  However, several Maisto freights would be passable on a TT pike.  You would need to change the wheels sets and possible the entire truck.

For passenger cars, the differences loom larger.  Maisto passenger cars are more like 1/131 versions of the old "shortie" Lionel O27 streamliners than models of any real-life prototype.  At 4 1/2 inches bulkhead-to-bulkhead, they would be a mere 45' long in TT.  In 1/131, the would translate to almost 50', which is still too short.  The average real-life passenger coaches ran from 72' to 80'.  We compared the Maisto passenger cars to a TT scale model of a German passenger car that is 75' from bulkhead to bulkhead.  Here you can see the differences in height, depth and length. The height and depth of the Maisto cars is very, very close to TT.  A hobbyist with average skill can easily use two of them to make one 72' car.

Maisto Diecast trains are reminiscent of the old Postwar lionel, insofar as "scale" and size. Scale is not an absolute.  The dimensions of any car are liable to change, to permit other things like motorized battery operation.  

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