Large Scale - Get seen here!

This is already a VERY busy website.  Now that we are adding Large Scale, it will get even busier.  Imagine - come September we'll be back to at least 400 folks per day, and probably more as we expand our Large Scale section.

You may have noticed that we rarely mention brand names or makers.  I reserve conspicuous mention for those who might actively contribute to the website.  For future work, we need locomotives, cars, parts and other gear.  Those who provide will get mentioned and recommended conspicuously.

Figure that as Fall gets here, at least 400 folks a day will be passing through these pages each day. Most will be newcomers to the hobby.  They will undoubtedly use the information we provide (we're adding more instructional material to this section), and will want to use what they see us using and recommending.  What better endorsement than that of the folks who provide the best free model railroading resources on the net?

You get your products seen in use, in photos and video, with recommendations and direct links to your site.  (Additional links mean folks can get to your without having to scroll through our links page)

If you'd like to be the one to whom they go, after visiting us, you can email me at  


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