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Passenger Service

on the

Conover Street Brick Mine Railway

There's something nice about having different consists.  The quaint woodside passenger cars are as important as the ore cars, cabeese and (on our pike), the brick flats.  I chose these cars for their style and color.  As you can see, the blue / eggshell color scheme goes very well with the flora, scenery and hardware of our garden.  When it comes to appearances, road names are less important than color schemes for complementing a garden.  The cars are "Blue Comet" coaches by Bachman, by the way.

You may have noticed differences from photos placed earlier.  We added the rocks to the right corner, and embellished our main station with a water tank and coal bunker.  Both the tank and bunker came from small freight cars.  Tank is yellow with green ends, ends have a touch of patina.  Bunker is a wood-type gondola / ore car body.

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