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Restoring a Loco

Found in a junker bin: 1 Large Scale locomotive, missing parts, and painted in one of those horrendous Christmas schemes.  It looked like it could be an attractive piece, with repairs and a better paint job.

The loco, an 0-6-0 woodburner steamer, was missing all rods and pistons plus the electrical contacts.  I dissassembled it.  Boiler and cab were repainted.  Rub N Buff was used to bring our brass highlights (actually, antqiue gold makes for a nice, polished brass look).  

The only problem was ordering parts.  While Lionel's technical folks were quick to send a catalog, the service department was lacking.  I called to order parts and was told I'd have to do it by mail.  The woman was rude - wouldn't even verify if parts were in stock - and to every question responded with the same phrase in a snippy voice.  I decided to make the parts rather than put up with insulting behavior.  A company who allows customer service representatives to treat customers rudely is showing contempt toward those who buy its products.  (By the way, a good comparison is Bachman customer service - quick and pleasant!)

Thus, I am currently making piston rods of brass.  All I need are small springs for electrical contacts to make it work.  Keep watching, folk, because this locomotive will run again.  

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