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Custom Rolling Stock

Build carbodies the easy way!

Using cheap car kits, you can build a variety of small custom rolling stock.  All you need are wood and / or plastic stock, the basic kits and some imagination.

For instance, our Tool Car is a simple vehicle based loosley on the O gauge crane tender cabeese.  It has the caboose section and the tool area.  Look closely at the photo - we added tools, some window trim and a Tool Man!

Easy carbody work using balsa or plastic posts and slats

The Pictures tell all!

1) Frame out car.

1A) Frame out doors

2) build walls of thin slats

(horizontal example)

3) Build walls with slats

(vertical example)

4) Frame out doors / windows

with thin slats

4) Blue lines show where crosspieces

are laid

We used wood glue.

Posts were secured with escutcheon pins.

It is easy to make almost any rolling

stock using this method.

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