Would you help us,  please?

I want to do much, much more here.  I want to add many step-by-step creative, kit bashing and scratch building projects.  Also, step-by-step instruction of repairing and restoring large scale trains, online videos, stories, etc.  You can help!

Let others know that the site is here.  That is the biggest help to us and to the many who benefit from our free resources.

Also, if you have any trains, in any condition, that need a good home, we would love to have them.  They can be in pieces, or in good order, or anywhere in between.  Whether electric, battery operated or otherwise, it all contributes to our online projects.  So before you throw away that train, please consider sending it to us.  We really need trains and parts right now.  Since I do the site entirely out of pocket, I can use the additional trains.  They make it possible to get projects done now, rather than delaying for months due to my train budget.

Email us if you want to help - ahoypirate@aol.com

We appreciate your help in maiing this site better!

Thank you!

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