Our Garden Railway

The Conover Street Brick Mine Railway

We moved into our new home at the end of June, 1999.  The yard was a mess.  In Autumn, we cleared out 22 full trash bags, 3 barrels, 4 crates of trash & dead leaves, plus 8 angle irons, about 40 foot of pipe and odd junk.  The yard was now ready.  One problem - every where we dug or scraped earth, we uncovered bricks.  170+ whole bricks.  Well, they make great landscaping stone.....and they became a joke.  "The Conover Street Brick Mine."  Thus, when our garden railways was built, it was The Conover Street Brick Mine Railway.  Yes, it is a work in progress.....these are the first photos.

The bottom of this illustration depicts area facing house.  The top is far edge.  To the extreme left is the walkway alongside the garage.  Those areas highlighted in blue are trestled / graded. Trestles are concealed in photos by grass. Rectangled in the layout are stations.  Green area is where yucca plants protrude beside the brick well.  Gray ellipses to the right are rocks.  This illustration is NOT drawn to scale.

View from the back of the house.  Train is on outside trestled track.

Closer view of the area in full bloom.  Brickwell is obscured by plants.

The downgrade - grass obscures trestles.
Front right side of brickwell, looking at Pavilion station
Orange Tiger Lillies

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