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Garden Trains, Spring 2002

The Track Cleaning Train

One of the tasks of maintaining a Garden Railway is keeping the track in good condition.  That means weeding the right-of-way, trimming plants and adjusting the ballast.  Track cleaning is part of it, too.  A thorough cleaning might be due from time to time, but in between, a simpler method is worthwhile,  For us, that simpler method is the use of an Aristocraft track cleaning car.  It removes dirt from the top of the rails.  The car itself is a plain bobber caboose without a cupola, so it serves double duty as the tail car on our freight trains.  In these photos, it is being pulled by the Rogers 2-4-2 tank locomotive.

On the inside track about to pass the windmill

The track cleaning train is about to pass through the Rocks at our layout's far end.

Here is passes the station.

Heading forward on the inside track, past the Brickwell.  This is a fine-looking locomotive!

The train goes behind some heather as it runs by the front of the Brickwell.

On the outside track, past the whistle stop station.  You can see why the Rogers 2-4-2 is used by many garden railroaders

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