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Garden Trains in Action, Spring  2002

More of The Brick Hauler

Garden Railways are not "tame."  As we shot these photos, our neighbor's Bengal cat, Herman, decided to visit.  The feline visitors to our garden at these days include Hermann, another neighbor's cats: Blondie and Grable; a feral cat who lives under our garage: Soot; and a mother / daughter pair known as Anniepanda and Andypanda.  Blondie, a friendly fellow, is also the dopiest cat in New Jersey.  He is the only cat here who has been clipped by the train, and has been clipped more than a few times.

The inside curve past the Brickwell.  Note cat to the upper left.

On the far end, between the Rocks.

Another view of the far end.  Note tool box in cab of the tool car / caboose.

Wide view as train rounds the Brickwell.  To the right is our neighbor's Bengal cat, Herman.

A closer view

Passing the windmill.

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