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Garden Trains in Action, Spring  2002

The Brick Hauler

The Conover Street Brick Mine Railway hauls mined brick from the quarry to market.  Cars currently in the consist are an ore car, tool car / caboose, gondola with gravel load, tank car and three brick flats.  This is our 'signature train" for our pike, and it amuses us no end..  More cars are coming, since we really enjoy making our home-made wagons for the Brick Hauler.

Here it is: locomotive, large ore car, gravel gondola, tank, three brick flats and tool car

Coming on the outside track along the pathway

Heading down grade to the far side of the garden.

Pass in review! Past the station and windmill.

Another look at the station.

On the inside track.  Planted there are the miniature pine and orange coleus.  Atop the Brickwell you can see"Dusty Miller" plants

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