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Garden Trains, Spring 2002

Passenger Service

Our passenger train is quite stunning, with the locomotive's brass trim and the faded blue of the coaches. It is a 4-4-0 American type by Hartland Locomotive Works.  Audrey saw the locomotive at the East Coast Large Scale show in New Jersey back in 2000.  She had to have it, and it is the brightest engine in our fleet.  It is also a superb-running locomotive that is fun to operate.  The maroon and green Devers & Rio Grande livery fit our garden well.  I selected the Bachmann "Blue Comet" coaches because of the color.  That subdued blue and cream coloring goes well with the bright locomotive and the general tenor of our garden.

One historical note - the real Blue Comet was a top passenger express to Atlantic City, operated by the Central Railroad of New Jersey.  The Blue Comet started operating well after the days of small woodside coaches!  Historical our coaches might not be, but on our garden railway the Blue Comet colors fit perfectly!

Here's a close look at the 4-4-0 American type locomotive and wooden coaches.  The shining trim and superb colors make a beautiful sight in the garden

Here the train passes in front of our garden.  It is a very fitting consist for our railway!

Heading downgrade to the far end of the railway

Down in the "flats"

Train passes between "the Rocks" at the furthest end of the railway, on its way toward the station.

Pass in review!  Our train passes by the station and windmill.

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