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The Conover Street Brick Mine Railway Game

A board game for children

You can download a complete board game for children.  The Conover Street Brick Mine Railway Game is based on our garden railway.  It's loads of fun.  Players try to be the first to get their train back to the engine house.  Along the way, they must deal with everything from broken tracks to cows on the rails.  It's easy to learn, easy to play.  Why not give it a spin?

The game is in WMF format, so you need a Windows-based Draw or Desktop Publishing program to open it.  They won't open in Paint programs.  If you don't have one, try one of the freeware or shareware programs.  They have them under multimedia at, and they're free to download.  you might rather try converting WMF to a format your software uses.  You might try Graphics Workshop, a shareware program.  WMF is pretty good as is, so I hope you can use them "straight out of the box."

Click here to download the game!

There are the two halves of the game board, three pages of cards, one spinner, game pieces and instructions in the file.  Please take time to email us to let us know how you like the game -

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