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Battle of Yorktown Troops

One of the better sets by BMC was its "Battle of Yorktown, which includes US, French, Hessian and British troops plus parapets, cannon and mortars.  The parapets and mortars are superb, while the troops are at best mediocre.  The artillery crews poses are excellent, although they have the usual BMC problems of disproportionate limbs and heads. For the battle gamer, the Yorktown set is superb.  Most figures can easily be gathered into units, and as a group they look decent.  BMC's big problems were the crudeness of detail, disproportionate bodies and a few figures distorted by being taken from the molds too soon.  The Battle of Yorktown set did not go over well, which is a shame because of the early BMC sets it is perhaps the best.

The US and French troops are the same figures, just molded in different colors.  The figure on the parapet is a character figure of Lafayette.  The only American figures that are not made in white are the rifleman to the extreme left and the mounted officer.  Likewise, the Lafayette figure is not available in blue.

Note the gunners for the French and Americans.  They are excellent poses.  The regular troops are pretty good, considering that these are BMC.

The British gun crews are the same figures as the French and American, the only difference being red plastic.   The figure in the center is a character figure of Cornwallis.  

British poses include grenadiers and troops in tricorns.   Nice action poses, yet easily fit into units for battle gaming.

Only five poses for the Hessians.  These are distinct from the American and British in both accouterments and poses.  

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