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Bodenburg Castle

Elastolin Castle for the Siege of Bodenburg

Elastolin produced an assortment of vacuformed plastic castles, scales for use with figures from 25mm to 40mm.  They were a great accessory for their figures.  We are fortunate to have photos of some of these. They were quite striking.  The Bodenburg" castle is of special note, as it was the centerpiece of the "Siege of Bodenburg" game written by the late Henry Bodenstedt.  In a way, Henry planned the game specifically for that castle.  We also have a photo of another, smaller castle from Elastolin.   Elastolin castle s were based on German castles.

For wargamers, the photos of the Bodenburg should give you an idea of how to configure your own castle for playing " Siege of Bodenburg."

Side view shows the drawbridge and outer wall.  This model is based on German style castles.

Rear view shows the courtyard's layout

The other side of the castle has buildings.

Front view: gate, courtyard wall and building.

This smaller castle was very popular, being one of the most affordable Elastolin models

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