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Medieval Heroes and Monsters

This little set is intriguing, because the figures are made to be placed on large trays.  Each miniature has a little bar under its feet.  The bar fits slots in the trays. This is identical to miniature wargaming.  The figures are approximately 25mm / 30mm scale. The folks on our Email Group identified these as playing pieces from a Milton Bradley game called "Battlemasters."  It is a basic fantasy wargame that was publishing in the mid-1990s.,  These are pretty good figures for game playing pieces, and would do well if painted by a hobbyist.

Close-up, these figures have the thick styling similar to metal 25mm wargame figures.


Grey knights - there are two types

Giant Troll and grey knight

Red archer,crossbowman, grey soldier

Black soldier, archer.

Black knight - there is one type

Little monster man on wolf.

Black monster, little green monster man, big green monster man. In conventional fantasy games, the little one might be a goblin, the larger ones orcs or trolls.

Gun on renaissance mounting and two crewmen.

The gun is a decent replica

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