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Thor Locomotive Gun Carrier by Marx Trains

I collect original Marx trains.  The old ones.  My wife decided that as a birthday gift, she would five me the new Marx Trains 'Thor" locomotive gun carrier.  Well, here it is.  We had fun with it at the club.  However, the wildest show was the first run at home.  Our cats were bound and determined to get involved.

The Thor locomotive gunship is an excellent example of tin lithography.  It is a smooth-running little locomotive that is loads of fun.  Things like this are the antidote to O Scale two-railers and three-rail hi-scalers.

Thor motor gun carrier runs at the club

Thor holds the Thor locomotive

Little Railfan: kitten Shadow is fascinated.

Leif ponders whether to chase it or not.

Silver examines Thor locomotive.  Leif is not amused.

New Marx "Thor" locomotive gun carrier.

Rear view.

Side view

The top front

Taking a curve.

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