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S.W.A.T. Police

A television show of the early 1970s introduced the concept of police "Special Weapons and Tactics," or "SWAT.  These were the equivalent of police commandos, trained to handle hostile situations.  The idea gained some popularity, and the "SWAT" officer became a staple of TV cop shows. Because of their similarity to commando-type soldiers, SWAT police have popped up among the plastic toy soldiers.  The aftermath of "9/11" brough a resurgence in police, fire, and SWAT-type figures.  

Toy SWAT policemen are invariably armed and outfitted like commandos.  The examples shown here would be equally at home in a combat raid as in emergency law enforcement.

These are sold as "SWAT" policemen.  Note the ski masks. From left, the weapons are riot shotgun, assault gun, MP5 submachine gun, sniper rifle. These figures look more like SAS commandos than policemen.

These are sold as "Emergency" police, perhaps implying a riot squad.  They are painted to look more like regular officers, though they look more like.conventional SWAT types. From left: riot shield and automatic pistol, shotgun, riot shotgun, automatic rifle.

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