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The Remco Fighting Lady

Motorized "Assault Battleship"

Back in the 1960s, several battery-operated ships were available.  remco made several, including a Roman Galley and an Aircraft Carrier named Mighty matilda.  These ships were not meant for use in water.  They ran on batteries, powered by wheels underneath.

The Fighting Lady "Motorized Assault Battleship" is one such type of ship.  Never intended for use in water, it rolls on wheels.  The controls on the bridge handle direction.  

The designation "motorized assault battleship" is pure salesmanship, intended to impress little boys seeking the ultimate gunboat.  For that is what the Fighting Lade really is: a gunboat, perhaps a destroyer escort, Coast Guard cutter or small destroyer class ship.  The toy is approximately 1/64 to 1/48 scale, sized comparably to O27 trains. (i will be adding it as scenery to an O27 layout in progress)

Armaments are themselves formidable for the toy battlefield.  On the front is a turret-mounted cannon, made to fire the lind of plastic bullets.which used to be packed with cap pistols.  The bullets are loaded from the turret top, and fired by a switch on the bridge.  Behind the bridge are a pair of swivelling, non-firing anti-aircraft guns resembling 40mm dual-mounted oerlikons.  Behind the smokestack is a depth charge launcher.  

Other gear includes a launched scout plan at the rear, and a small "amphibious craft" that is a crude model of the amphibious "DUKW".  The DUKW was supposed to hang from hooks off the rear cranes.

Our model is pretty good, with only the mast and one place showing significant damage.  There is plenty of deck space for plastic soldiers.  I am uncertain if any kind of figures were included with the Fighting Lady.  

One rarely encounters a find like this.  the ship was given my by Lee from the Jersey Girl Store.  He is a collector of unusual items, having a nice assortment of steel and tin trucks (akin to Tonka) displayed in the store in Spring Lake, NJ

though in rough shape, the Box is legible.

A front view - mast & radar dish and DUKW are to the right.

Gun turret overhangs the deck!

Side view - two depth charges, mast pieces and DUKW are in foreground.  Note the plane at the rear of the ship

Rear view - plane has tilted over accidentally.

The front decks of the ship - from bottom: depth charge launcher, smokestack and two AAA guns, control panel on bridge, gun turret.

Aircraft on launcher - note hoists on rear deck.

The bridge - a non-working deck light is to the front (left).  From left to right on bridge deck are - gun firing lever, steering, turret turning lever

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