Jersey Shore 

Battle Games

Simple, easy-to-play games for toy soldiers, to play on the beach, in the backyard or living room.  Fun for all ages!

The Jersey Shore Battle Games are special.  Rules are simple and fun.  Play is easy, the action is quick, and the necessary ingredients are inexpensive.  Great for all ages.  Our games give players realism and fun.

Rules are posted on line for easy access.  We provide the HOW, you supply the tools and the place.

The Games

Click here first - The Basics

Click here for the Operation Sandtrap Wargame for World War 2 and Modern Battles

Click here for Sandpit Showdown Wild West and Civil War Game

Click here for Castle Cracker Medieval and Ancient War Game

Click here for Sandarticus Roman Era supplement for Castle Cracker

Click here for Muskets and Sandpiles Revolutionary War and Alamo War Game

Click here for Planetary Sand Spaceman Battle Game

 Click here for Planetary Sand Spaceman Advanced Game Supplement

Click here for Treasure of Sandheap Pirate Adventure Game

Click here for Tanegashima Sandman Samurai Battle Game

Click Here for Sahara Sandstorm Foreign Legion & Colonial Era Battle Game

Click here for Battle Game Updates and Info

- Troops Substitutions - Using the next best thing!

Wargames and Wargaming

Click here to visit The Army Men Homepage

One Man, One Gun

An exciting new series of games for small battleswith toy soldiers

Omog Advanced for 20th and 21st Century Soldiers

Omog 19C for 19th Century 1850-1900 and the American Civil War

Omog Oldstyle for "Little Wars" type armies

Omog Muskets for 1740 - 1830 and the American Revolution

OMOK (One Man One Knight) for Ancient and Medieval Soldiers

Samurai Supplement for OMOK

Space & Science Fiction Supplement for OMOG Advanced

Zombie Supplement for OMOG Advanced

Coming Soon: Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery Supplement for OMOK


The Siege of Bodenburg

A Great Medieval Battle Game from the 70s

Click here!

Bonus #2

1000 b.c. to 1000 a.d.

Ancient & Medieval Rules from 1975

(Thanks to the Wargames Research Group)

Click here

Bonus #3

Little Wars by HG Wells 

Floor Games by HG Wells

Classic Wargame and related Miniature Game - loads of fun!

Click Here

Bonus #4

Fighting Plastic by Corey Butler

Action-packed game for plastic toy soldiers

Bonus #5

Table Top Troopers by KenMGames

Fun little plastic soldier game

click here

Bonus #6

Sham-Battle: How to Play with Toy Soldiers

Fast-action Miniature Battle Game from the 1920s

Click Here

Bonus #7

Bodenstedt's Bridge at Remagen Game

Click here

Bonus #8

Bodenstedt's Franco-Prussian War Game

Click here

Bonus #9

Downloadable Paper Kit Buildings for Wargame Scenery

Click here

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