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More Real Troops Show How

These images show photographs of how real soldiers perform some of the standard positions copied in plastic soldiers.  Good figures will copy these accurately.  Poor figure sculptors either ignore or are unaware of these essential details.  

This GI wears typical field gear and uniform common from 1962 to 1975  Everything but the boots are olive drab. Note that most troops had camouflage helmet covers.  The GI pictured here does not..

US Infantry in 1944.  Note the wearing of field gear.  This is the proper stance for firing a rifle when standing.

Running Marine.  Troops crouch while running under fire.  It is instinctive.  

World War I US Infantry check out a breach.  Note positions of troops.

This is how most infantrymen carry heavy weapons such as the .30 caliber machine gun (shown here), mortar tubes, etc.

Marines in World War II.  Note grip on submachine gun, and the field gear on crouching soldier.  

GIs with captured Chinese prisoners, Korea.  The different types of winter gear are conspicuous here.

British Commandos, Korean War.  One soldier watches while his buddy sets the charges.  In combat, there is always a lookout.

Troops moving heavy equipment, in this case 37mm gun.  You can see the wearing of heavier field gear.  Away from the front lines in cold weather, troops tend to set helmets aside, wearing their winter caps.

"Here comes a present for you, Goober!"

Union gun crew - this gives you a good look at the uniforms and positions of crew when firing.  With guns that do not have a recoil mechanism, men keep a safe step or two away from the gun.

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