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Heavy Infantry Weapons

Here are some assorted heavy infantry weapons. The infantry company has a heavy weapons section, armed with man-portable machine-guns and mortars.  At the battalion level, a combat support company brings heavy mortars and heavy anti-rank weapons to bear.  Prior to 1939 in the US Army, and throughout World War II in some European armies a portable light artillery known as "infantry guns" were provided at the battalion level.  These functioned much as heavy mortars and, if needed, antitank guns.

The last two photographs show other specialized equipment: the multiple-tube rocket launcher and the amphibious armored tractor.

Marines try captured japanese 37mm infantry howitzer

World War I troops with 37mm gun

World War I troops firing 37mm gun

.30 Caliber M1919 air-cooled machine gun on bipod mount.

.30 caliber water-cooled machine gun mounted on light truck

Recoilless rifle - note BAR in foreground

Mortar crew in action.  Note the sandbag emplacement.

81mm Mortar team in action

Marine Rocket unit in action.

Amphibious tractors - used for transporting infantry

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