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3 1/2" Rambo Commandos

This set of figures turned up in 1998, in a military surplus store in Kentucky.  It was packed on a blister card.  The figures are 3 1/2" tall.  That is an odd size these days, and would make them about 1/20 to 1/18 scale.  Even more striking are the figures themselves.  They are like a squad of Rambos.  The hair is too long, the weapons too weird and the uniforms are not uniform.  And when it comes to human proportion, well, you just have to wonder...

Oddly enough ,these fellows have since been cloned more than a few times.   The most common clones are about 1 1/2" tall - just right for O Gauge.  However, we have also turned up a set of three figures in 6" size.  Mercifully, the 6" figures had their "Rambo" heads replaced by proper steel helmets and "regulation" haircuts.  (See the Large Figures by clicking here. )

Are they some kind of oddball mercenaries? Renegades? rednecks on a rampage?  We really don't know.  Chalk them up to an oddball army of movie misfits and military misadventure.....

Is there a mullet under that farmer cap?

This figure reminds me of the old joke about the fellow who brought a knife to a gun fight.  Note regulation tank top.

This weapon launches some kind of grenade or warhead.  He wears an odd quiver full of sticks on his back.  Another man  in regulation tank top.

This looks like a normal soldier.  There's one in every crowd.

Proportion?  Note the mullet!

Could it be Rambo firing the RPG?  Look at the hair - just like the movie.  There's no doubt where the sculptor received his inspiration.

Another look at the Rambo-esque figure, right down to the tank top and hairdo

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