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Playmobile Castle

Castle, battering ram, catapults & parapet, huge siege tower.

While looking for a different set of knights, I came across this Playmobile set in a closeout store.  Priced right, so I bought it.  After all, it's perfect for keeping little visitors out of mischief.  The set was interesting, as most elements were blow-molded plastic.  Only the weapons, knights, catapults and some details molded in regular plastic..

The castle itself, though toyish, is about right for playing Castle Cracker with 40 to 54mm figures.  It has two parapets and a round tower, plus room for a few figures along the walls.  The ram is about right, if a bit big.  The siege tower is too big fir war games, but right for play with the Playmobile figures.

Trying to photograph this castle was made more difficult by cats.  They were immediately interested, and so a simple project became a test of patience.

Oddvar inspects.  Silver sits idly by.

The castle is mostly blow-molded plastic.  Drawbridge parts are hard plastic.

Here is how this castle stacks up with 40 / 45mm knights and siege tower.

Ram is a good size for these knights.  This castle may be a pure toy, but its design is such it would be useful for playing Castle Cracker.  There is adequate room inside for defenders.

Siege tower is huge - compare size with average house cat!

Catapults actually shoot.  The ram, tower and parapet are blow-molded plastic. In other words, a child can throw them at his sister without causing damage.

Three of the knights -set had about a dozen or so.

Knights weapons.  You have to put the stickers on them.

Peake the Kitten finds this castle a nice hide-out.  Shadow stands by, waiting her turn to get inside.

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