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Battle Tactics for Plastic Soldiers II

Attacking enemy troops is difficult if they use a box for cover.

Covering fire is essential.  Troops crawl forward as close as cover allows.

The fire team at A keep up a steady barrage, while the advance team crawls forward ,and then dashes to the box's blind side.

Flamethrowers, bazookas and grenades work best for clearing boxes.  Send one ma to the rear, to see if the back end has been left open.

Tanks are tough.  You can defeat them with towed antitank guns (lower left), bazooka (lower center). flamethrower aimed at rear of tank (lower right) or grenades thrown into the tracks and on engine compartment (upper right).

Best targets on a tank are the sides, rear and the underside.  Rifleman in lower left draws the tank's attention, so other troops can ambush it.

If you cannot call in a tank, call in the Fur-Bearing AT-AT.  This particular one is camouflaged in "tiger stripe" pattern.

Porch combat involves both horizontal and vertical fire.

Each porch is different - each has its own rules of engagement.

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