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More Classic Tanks

You can find photos of the M41 and M47 in the Photo Galleries, among pictures of "The Real Thing."  I regard them as the first truly modern tanks, since they ushered in a new generation of armored vehicles.  Both are no longer in service with the U.S. Army, yet remain on active duty is several other countries.  

M 41 Light Tank "Walker Bulldog" - 1/32 scale model

M41 Light Tank "Walker Bulldog"

US M47 Medium Tank - one of the "Patton tank" series - 1/50 scale diecast model

US M47 - the first modern tank

US M47 medium tank

Panzer 4 with long 75mm gun - 1/50 scale diecast model

Panzer 4

Panzer 4

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