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Classic Tanks

German King Tiger tank and two US M4 Sherman medium tanks, circa 1944

Army men wouldn't be as much fun without tanks and armored vehicles.  While the plastic tanks shown in other photo galleries are typical toy soldier fare, these models give a more realistic look at classic armored vehicles.  

Modern M1 Abrams tank with running Dragon gunner.  This is the latest US main battle tank.  1/32 battery-operated model

Sd Kfz 251 Half Track, the standard vehicle for German mechanized infantry.  After WWII, the Czech Army used a slightly updated version. 1/32 scale model

Panzer 4, the standard medium tank of WWII.  The medium tank is the main battle tank.  This particular model is about 1/48 scale ,and was bought at a county fair.

1/18 scale model of the German Panzer 5 "Panther" tank.  A very effective design for armor, but the Pz 5 was prone to mechanical problems.

U.S. M5 version of the Stuart light tank, circa 1944.  Note the hedgerow cutter on front.  The Stuart tanks (M3 to M5 light tanks) were used for armored reconnaissance.  Light armament provided covering fire for a hasty retreat.  1/32 scale model.

The German Panzer 6 "Tiger I" tank was a heavy tank with a very effective main gun.  Today, it would be lighter than most modern medium tanks. 1/32 scale model.

The M4 Sherman was the mainstay of US forces from 1942 until 1945.  1/32 battery-operated model.

The Tiger II "King Tiger" was a heavily-armored vehicle with a powerful main gun.

1/32 battery-operated model.

From Russia, this diecast model of a small reconnaissance car with turret.  

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