Odd Troops

Uncommon soldiers and rare finds

One occasionally encounters plastic soldiers which are uncommon.  Most are made by obscure companies in the US and abroad.  Distribution is normally localized, making them something of a rarity.

Modern US troops, imported from Asia by a London firm.  Helmets are more like the WW2 German "stalhelm' than the modern Kevlar helmet, although the uniform is American.

Troops are sold individually, in mini lunchboxes.  Each troop is accompanied by a motorcycle with rider.  Poses and detail are very realistic. An excellent find, indeed!

BMC's Alamo Texans - some of the worst-looking Alamo figures ever.  Figure in front of door is Col. Travis.  To his left is Davy Crockett in the traditional "swinging rifle" pose, and to the right is Jim Bowie.  Disproportionate heads and limbs and weird poses typify early BMC figures.

Building in background is a Dept 56. "Village Smoke house."

These were packed with the Alamo figures as Mexicans, a feature of more recent reissues of the BMC Alamo sets. They are actually the figures of Spanish infantry for the Rough Riders series.  The early sets had actual miniatures of Mexican troops circa 1836.   Note that the Spanish soldiers are still crude, but far superior to BMC's earliest work.

No-name brand of 40mm knights, probably clones or recasts of Starlux figures.  Stiff plastic makes these figures a better candidate for painting.

More of the 40mm figures cast in bronze colored plastic.  Figures of this size and type are excellent for games like "Castle Cracker."

Recent clones of Airfix Afrika Korps figures, these 45mm figures have had their field caps replaced with German helmets.  They were sold as US troops, mainly because of the similarity between the German and modern US helmet.  Germans sold as Americans?  The concept would be unthinkable in 1962, but it happens with hardly a nod in 2002.

This farm set came in a small, clear plastic tube.  The birds run about 1/24 scale, while the horse, cow, sheep and hog are about 1/40.  Many of these and similar "tube sets" have shown up in discount stores, and they normally sell for a dollar or less.  Most common are farm, zoo animal and soldier sets.

Building in background is the Dept. 56 Village Smoke House

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