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More Odd Troops

These six-inch figures came in a bag of ten.  The five pictures here are copies of the Marx 6" plastic Marines

These five from the box are not copies of Marx.  They are another brand that was around in the 1960s, possibly Lido.

The figures are Boxers from the Boxer rebellion.  Notice the Kung-Fu style weapons.  They can easily be converted to ancient Chinese fighters, ninja or Samurai.

These are the Ajax spacemenr from the 1950s

BMC Civil War figures, caisson and cannon.  The mounted officers and figures standing in front of the horses are character figures representing famous generals.  Note that the Confederate standard bearer is a different pose from the Union flag bearer.  Aside from character figures and standard bearers, troops for opposing sides are a matter of using different colors in the same molds.

The cannon and caisson, like most BMC accessories, are pretty good.  These figures are of mediocre quality, insofar as detail and poses.

Here's an amusing caricature figure.  "Sergeant Hawk" is one of the characters from 3DO Software's "Army MenTM" games.  These figures are 6" tall and poseable.

From the same series is "Riff", a bazzooka man.  Riff and Sergeant Hawk capture the spirit of the 3DO games and our own plastic army troops, so we added them to the mian page.

Ideal's 60mm US Infatry have good detail.  Note similarity of some poses to WWII Tim Mee and 60mm Marx figures

They look like Lido....Marx's 60mm infantry figures, several of which later showed up as 'Warriors of the World."  Lido licensed several of these figures

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