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Modern Troops

These figures come packed with vehicles by New Ray.  They are supposed to me modern American soldiers.  They are interesting, and a bit crude.  You will nonetheless note proportions are a bit off, as are some details. What with the dearth of original new toy figures, however, they are a welcome addition!

These came packed with a HummVee, two tripod-mounted heavy weapons and sandbags.  From left, heavy weapon crewman, Dragon gunner and light machine gunner

These three came with an M1 tank.  From left, tanker, rifleman and Dragon gunner.  Faces are painted on figures packed with tanks.

These three came with a set than included a tent, motorcycle and towed antiaircraft fun.  From left, SAW or combat shotgun gunner, marching rifleman, AAA gun loader.

Soldier carries small 75mm shell.

Crudely detailed soldier with (we think) an M60 light machine-gun.  It looks a little like an M60...

Dragon gunner and heavy weapon crewman

Rifleman and Dragon gunner

Is it a SAW? Combat shotgun?  Is it supposed to be an M60?  

Tank crewman, posed to ride in turret of M1 Abrams tank.

Marching rifleman with small head.

The binoculars man and radioman came in a small set with dune buggy and one-man helicopter.  The radio resembles the old PRC 77, circa 1972.

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