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Modern Army Recon Vehicles

The New Ray sets get more interesting.  The set illustrated here netted some unusual items for the fan of modern equipment.  First and foremost was a "dune buggy" similar to those the 1st Cavalry Division was testing in 1973. Next is a one-man "recon" helicopter, plus a tent exactly like that illustrated in "Modern Army Equipment".  Though packed with U.S. Army troops and dune buggy, the decals on both the tent and helicopter read 'Royal Navy."  Blunders like this are common in Chinese-made models requiring lettering, markings and translation.  Two of the figures were already seen in "Modern Troops" but two are original and shown here in detail.  I assume that the theme of this set is reconnaissance due to the dune buggy, light helicopter and communications gear with radio man.

This "dune buggy" is reminiscent of a vehicle the Army was testing at Fort Hood in 1973.  If not an exact replica, it looks darn close to what I saw..  The 1st Cavalry was also experimenting with motorcycles for some of its recon units.

Note the "pioneer equipment" stashed over the "trunk," and the battery of lights on the roof.  

This is a small one-man helicopter, allegedly for use in "recon."  It looks more like a gadget from a spy movie.

For a "toy" it has a decent cockpit interior.

Here are the soldiers included, plus two ammo cases and what looks like a satellite communications hookup.  The set also had a plain tent.

Here we look closer at the equipment at the the man with binoculars and radio man.  The heads look rather small, which is common in New Ray's modern figures.

Is that backpack radio a PRC 77, circa 1972?  Looks like our "modern" soldiers are lugging some outdated gear!

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