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Modern Army Artillery Oddity

New Ray is a Chinese company ,and is prone to take liberties with fact.  Take this interesting gun as a case in point.  It looks like an antiaircraft mounting, and in 1/32 would likely be 75mm.  As far as I know, the US Army does not have such a weapon in its inventory.  There hasn't been a 75mm antiaircraft gun since World War II.  Still and all, this is an interesting piece.

This is obviously an antiaircraft gun, judging by the mounting and the gunner's seat.  

Seat is on the left.

A light mounting like this would make the gun "airmobile", meaning it could easily be carried by a helicopter.

The mounting looks relatively modern, like types used on some airmobile European guns during the 1970s.

Ammo loader was packed with gun

This trio of troops came with the set that included this gun, a tent and a motorcycle with rider.

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