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Modern Army Equipment

Here is more of New Ray's modern equipment.  Except for three figures that came with a tank, everything on this page and the next were bought in a hospital gift shop.  Some of the equipment is quite realistic, and some is dubious.  Nonetheless, this is a great addition to the ranks of plastic armies.

A motorcycle!  Unlike the bare-bones ones I had seen in Fort Hood in '73

A small tent - bigger than a pup tent....

Look at the "Royal Navy" marking.  Doesn't quite fit with US troops and equipment, does it?

Three figures came with the M1 tank: tanker, rifleman and Dragon gunner.

These three came with the tent, bike and AAA gun.  The man on the left has an unusual weapon: light machine gun or combat shotgun?  Center is walking rifleman, and right is ammo loader for the AAA gun.

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