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Modern Army Stuff!

A company called New Ray has been issuing a variety of modern playsets and equipment.  It is showing up in the oddest places.  In fact, except for the Abrams tank & crew, everything was acquired at hospital gift shops.  

These modern items are interesting.  Most are actually in use today, but a few are of dubious origin.  Still and all, a nice assortment of modern equipment for the modern Army Man fan!

Hummvees: with TOW missile on the left, Vulcan minigun on the right.

Gunner, soldier with Dragon missile and prone machine-gunner were packed with the tripod-mounted guns and plastic sandbags,

Weapon on left is some type of antitank gun, perhaps a recoilless rifle.  Weapon on right is a minigun.

M1 Abrams Tank with crewman


This chopper was given me while recuperating from heart attack..  My friend bought it in the hospital gift shop.  

The blades can be!

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